Types of Storage in OCI

Oracle offers bunch of storage options in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - OCI . Oracle offers scalable and secure cloud storage options for your mission-critical data.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure basically categories five main storage service.

1) Block Volumes / Block Storage - These are for IO-intensive application types which required very high speed data read and write operations.

  • Best suited for high-performance workloads with very large data sets.
  • Based on NVMe SSD Technologies.
  • Block Volume Service lets you dynamically provision and manage block storage volumes.
  • Can go upto 1 PB in size per Instance.

2) Object Storage - Object Storage for internet accessible storage of unstructured data, you can store any kind of data.

  • Unlimited Storage capacity. Independent of compute/server and can be accessed over the public net.
  • Highly available and self-repairing
  • Data is managed as objects using an API built on standard HTTP verbs.
  • Access to buckets and objects is managed via tight integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management
  • Data stored in the object storage is encrypted at rest by default.
  • Object storage scales elastically and without limits on capacity.
  • Well versed with different types of connectivity - REST API, Java SDK, Python, OCI -CLI …etc

3) Local Storage - NVMe SSD : Oracle offers Local NVMe SSD's,

  • These devices provide extremely low latency, high performance block storage that is ideal for big data, OLTP, and any other workload that can benefit from high-performance block storage.
  • Locally mounted SSD storage for high IOPS and fast performance , ideal for the most demanding workloads.
  • Can go upto 51 TB in size.
  • Millions of IOPS available with 10-100 microsecond latency

4) File Storage - NFS in the cloud

  • A shared , highly available and scalable file system in OCI.
  • NFS v3 full POSIX with Network Lock Manager
  • Grow capacity when you add files and shrink when you remove files, automatically. You only pay for your capacity used.
  • Access to an unlimited pool of file systems to manage growth of structured and unstructured data.
  • Data & Metadata are encrypted at rest.

Mount target (NFS endpoint):

Export Path1: /example1/path

Export Path2: /example2/path

5) Archive Storage - Archive Storage is for long term archival solution.

  • Simple setup Integrated, durable storage solution.
  • low cost archival for any kind of data.
  • You only pay for storage you consume.
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